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Pursuit XL—

Powerful drive train; features 180 amp microprocessor-based controller.

Full lighting package that includes directional signals and lower headlight.

Large 13 inch low-profile, pneumatic tires for excellent outdoor performance.

Hydraulic handbrake.





24V, 4-pole DC motor for increased power

Powerful drive train, features 120 amp microprocessor based controller.

Deluxe reclining high-back seat with headrest and sliders.

Full lighting package including directional signals and angle-adjustable, lower headlight.




Victory Sport—

Exclusive stylish, lightweight, non-scuffing, black, low-profile wheels.

Exclusive one-hand feather-touch disassembly provides the ultimate quick transport system. 18”x18” deluxe reclining high-back seat with sliders and headrest.





Victory 10—

The ideal balance of style, performance and value.

Equipped with loads of standard luxury features at an affordable price.d