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Payment OptionsMost insurances accepted, we are a Medicare Contracted Assignment Facility, and HQAA Accreditation. We also accept:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Check or Money Order
  • PayPal online

Financial FAQ’s

· How do I pay for a scooter or any equipment?

Most insurance is accepted but you can always pay for any piece of equipment personally. We do not accept any reimbursements. If applicable, any differences between insurance and cost, we will always try to work this out with our customer and our prices are extreme values.

· What’s a confirmation number?

             Most insurance issues a confirmation number for authorization of equipment, once they authorize it’s              purchase.

· Do you offer brochures?

             Yes, On several products, but not all. Any power chairs or scooters can also be checked out at     , which is our major supplier. Their pricing is not our pricing! Get a price from us and              you’ll be glad you did.

· When should I be looking for equipment?

             Any time you want. Often it’s best to wait for your prescription so you know what equipment you’re              requiring, along with your confirmation number from our insurance provider.

· Can you offer equipment Advice?

           Yes, In terms of the products we offer. No, In terms of what you may need, that is left up to            your physician/s.

· What about paperwork?

           We can help YOU coordinate this so that your equipment can be delivered to you on a timely            basis.

A PayPal account is no longer required to make payments using the PayPal secured method. Lear more at

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