Go-Go Elite Traveller
The Quickest Way to Travel

Looking to enhance your travel experience? Look no further than the Go-Go Elite Traveller®! It offers unbeatable ease of transport, tight space maneuverability, and gives you the versatility to change its color, and your style, in a snap with interchangeable shroud panels. The Go-Go Elite Traveller's compact size allows it to negotiate narrow hallways and tight spaces while also providing stable outdoor performance. Take the guesswork out of travel with ultra-simple assembly/disassembly and impressive performance. Go where you want to go, easily, with the Go-Go Elite Traveller.
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GoGo Elite Traveller Features
  • LR version features a 17AH battery pack for extended range

  • Auto-latching lockup mechanism permits simple frame separation with only one hand

  • Includes 3 sets of easily changeable colored panels in 3 exciting colors - Red, Blue and Silver

  • All-new frame design easily disassembles into 5 super lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage

  • Modular design for easy serviceability

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    Go-Go Pricing:


    Ultimate transportable scooter

    That easily disassembles. Ready to go

    On a moments notice.

    Other model types.

    Weight up to 300 lbs.



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