Rent or Leasing of Equipment


Equipment Reservations—

· Once your plans are firm, then make your reservation.

· Yes, we accept reservations in advance for rental equipment.

· Yes, we also can respond quickly on short notice for most rental items.



· Equipment can be waiting for you at your residence or at your hotel.

· If a home delivery, someone is required to be there to accept equipment.

· Deliveries to hotels are made to the Front Desk or Bell Stand ONLY.


Equipment Breakdown—

· If your own equipment breaks down… Call us toll free: 888-786-5422 for rental or possible onsite repair!


General info that always applies—

· Please, 24-hour notice on any cancellation.

· Confirmation as to any rental will be by fax or emailed directly to you.

· No need to reconfirm prior to delivery date, unless you have changes.

· Full charges to your credit card are run on the day PRIOR to delivery.

Text Box: 24/7 
Emergency Equipment Service!


More to Know

888-786-5422 Toll Free & Oxygen Emergency

863-467-8711 Office

863-763-6292 FAX



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