Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

How do I pay for a scooter or any equipment?

Most insurance is accepted but you can always pay for any piece of equipment personally or if you are staying for a short while, we offer low rate RENTAL options.

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*We do not accept any reimbursements on purchases. If applicable, any differences between insurance and cost, will be worked out with our customers. WE CARE!

Do you deliver?

We do Deliver!

  • Equipment can be waiting for you at your residence or at your hotel.
  • If a home delivery, someone is required to be there to accept equipment.
  • Deliveries to hotels are made to the Front Desk or Bell Stand ONLY.

We deliver directly to Okeechobee, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Jensen Beach, Indiantown, Palm City, and Stuart

What’s a confirmation number?
Most insurance issues a confirmation number for authorization of equipment, once they authorize it’s purchase.
Do you offer brochures?


On several products, but not all.

Most of our products will have a Manual and Warranty button at the bottom of the SUMMARY PAGE next to the Image display area.

Who Should I Buy From?

Our vendors pricing is not our pricing! Get a price from us and you’ll be glad you did.

Call: 863-467-8711

When should I be looking for equipment?

Any time you want. Often it’s best to wait for your prescription so you know what equipment you’re requiring, along with your confirmation number from our insurance provider. If you are temporarily visiting and wish to rent, let us know 3-5 business days before your arrival just to make sure we have the exact equipment you need.

Call: 863-467-8711

Can you offer equipment Advice?


In terms of the products we offer.


In terms of what you may need, that is left up to your physician(s).

What about paperwork?

We can help YOU coordinate this so that your equipment can be delivered to you on a timely basis.

Call: 863-467-8711

Payment Options

Most insurances accepted

We are a Medicare Contracted Assignment Facility, and HQAA Accreditation.

For Purchases and Rentals

We accept: