Versatility and Stability in Mobility

You've got a full day ahead of you. Feel confident that the Go Go Elite Traveller® 3 or 4-Wheel mobility scooters are just as ready as you are. Their stability, versatility and power mean you don't have to limit your destinations or worry about stopping halfway through the day to recharge.

These Go Go Elite Traveller® mobility scooters include an ergonomic 17" x 17" seat and a spacious deck for your feet and legs. The swivel-mount seat means you just have to sidle up alongside the dinner table and twist. It also makes disembarking so much simpler.

Feather-Touch Disassembly

When it's time to go, Pride Mobility's exclusive feather-touch, one-hand disassembly design lets you break it down quickly and stow it away for the ride.